Accordia Woods Assisted Living Facility
At Accordia Woods we offer a wide variety of activities some of which are time tested classics and others are our own unique concoction. Our number one goal is to pick activities that engage our residents because engaged residents are being stimulated mentally and emotionally, engaged residents are building interpersonal relationships with other residents, and most importantly engaged residents are happier, healthier and have a sense of purpose. Our activities include Fitness classes, Pet Visits. Painting Classes, Holiday Family Parties, Drum Circles, History Discussions, Outings to Performances, Travelogues, Book Club, Horse and Car Races, Crafts, Spiritual Study, Ceramics, Community Outings, Memory Games, Movies and Popcorn, Professional Entertainment, Parties and Socials. Below are some of our residents in action!
A day at the ranch.JPG
A day at the ranch 2
A Belly Dancing Birthday Bash.jpg
A belly-dancing birthday bash
Drum circle
Live entertainment
Memorial Day Celebration.JPG
Memorial Day celebration
Trip to the Aquarium.JPG
Nature Study
Trip to the Aquarium
A day at the ranch 2.jpg
Celebrating St. Patrick's Day
Live Entertainment.jpg
Nature Study.JPG
Drum Circle.JPG